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Marvel's Spider-Man
Strategy Guide

First Published: 12-09-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 15-11-2019 / 01:38 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 23-01-2020 / 13:52 GMT

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Marvel's Spider-Man Guide

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SwingHold R2To gain speed while swinging, release or jump at the top of the swing.
JumpXBasic jump.
Web ZipX (while in air)While in the air, press X to Web Zip. Web Zip is great for maintaining altitude and changing direction.
Zip to PointL2 + R2Look at a highlighted point and zip to it.
Point LaunchL2 + R2, XWhile zipping to a point, jump right before landing to launch forward and gain additional speed.
Wall RunHold R2While near or on a wall, hold R2 to wall run.
Vertical Wall JumpX (while running on wall)While running up a wall, tap X to move up faster.
Wall CorneringHold CircleHold Circle near a building corner to automatically corner it.
Ceiling HangL2While wall crawling on a ceiling, press L2 to ceiling hang. While hanging, use the left analog stick to ascend or descend.

Basic Combat

Basic AttackSquareBasic attack.
Basic ComboSquare (x4)This is the basic 4-hit ground combo. The last hit of the combo sends most enemies flying.
Web StrikeTap TriangleAn attack that zips to the target and hits them.
Yank EnemyHold TriangleYanks the enemy and spins them around, opening them up to back attacks.
DodgeCircleDodge enemy attacks.
Long DodgeCircle, XJumping after a dodge increases your jump distance. This is great for getting out of Area of Effect attacks.
Dodge UnderSquare, CirclePunch or Web Strike an enemy and dodge toward them to slide under their legs. This opens them up to back attacks. This is great against Shield enemies.
Off the Wall AttackCircle, SquareDodge into a wall, then launch off and strike multiple enemies in a row.
Web ShooterRapidly Tap R1Quickly fire webs at an enemy to web them up. If they are near a wall, they will get stuck to it. This is great for slowing Brute enemies.
Yank Down AttackHold Square, Hold TriangleLaunches an enemy up into the air, then slams them to the ground, knocking back nearby enemies.
Yank and Throw EnvironmentHold L1 + R1Yank and throw small environmental objects. Large environmental objects will be yanked down instead of thrown.
HealDown on D-PadUses available Focus to heal. Spider-Man can build focus by attacking enemies. Air Combat generates more focus than ground combat.

Air Combat

Air LauncherSquareHold Square to launch an enemy into the air. A great way to begin air combat.
Air Launcher Follow UpHold Square, SquareLaunch an enemy into the air, then follow up with another quick attack.
Air ComboSquare (x4)This is the basic 4 hit air combo. The last hit of the combo sends enemies flying.
Leap OffSquare, XLeap off enemies after punching or web striking them. This is a great way to start air combat, and avoid rushing enemies.
Air ThrowHold TriangleGrabs an enemy in the air and throws them to the ground, knocking enemies back.

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